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When we checked the sites below they had family appropriate material.
updated:1st October 2010
Art School online

A+ Math

Here is a cool web page with math activities just for kids.
Find homework help and online calculators, as well as some games for fun! 
Parents: this site may have an advertising pop up window

Turbo Tax
7 Crazy Taxes from the US and Abroad
special thanks to Bethany for finding this cool link

English Zone
 Fact Monster - English -cool site
Student guide to completing a Book Report
Writing Tips: Sentence Builder
Word Central -cool site

Cool Science for Curious Kids
This biology is written so children can understand, learn, and have fun with both online and offline activities.
Garbage: How Can My Community Reduce Waste?
Explore how we can help the earth as a community be separating garbage into reusable waste.
Social Studies


Pick a place and go on a journey with these articles, pictures, sounds and movies! Explore many exciting cultures!
National Geographic
National Geographic for Kids provides a passport of fun for around the world!
Yahooligans! Countries Listing
Check this exceptional reference for specific country sites all over the web.

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